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Office or Warehouse Rentals?

How We're Compensated

Our tenant advisory service does not cost you any money. You will never receive an invoice from CSA, Inc.

We are compensated through a cooperating fee from the broker that represents the landlord of the building that you ultimately elect to lease space in. If you do not use a tenant rep, the fee will go entirely to the landlord's broker/advocate, which means that employing tenant advisory services does not increase transaction costs, therefore will not cause your rent to be higher.

You can leverage our time, market knowledge, transaction expertise and avoid disastrous missteps while securing the most favorable lease terms, at no additional cost to your organization. After the lease is signed, you will have peace of mind that you made the right decision for what is often the second largest line item of your overall budget.

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Please email or call us and after a no-charge, no-obligation, consultation where we discuss your space requirements, we will provide you with a comprehensive survey of available space within 24 hours.

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