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Office or Warehouse Rentals?

CSA, Inc. is one of the select few commercial real estate companies that exclusively represent the interests of office & warehouse space tenants throughout the Chicagoland area. Since we never represent the landlords of commercial buildings, this eliminates potential conflicts of interest during the commercial space search process (steering) and lease negotiations (aggressiveness).

CSA, Inc. also keeps a laser like focus on the office & warehouse leasing markets, which gives us the in depth market knowledge you will need to leverage and negotiate the most favorable lease rate and terms for your organization. Our unbiased and aggressive representation will give you the peace of mind that you made the right decision for an expense that normally equates to 25% to 40% of your overall budget.

Please email or call us and after a no-charge, no-obligation, consultation where we discuss your space requirements, we will provide you with a comprehensive survey of available space within 24 hours.

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